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Jesus Reigns USA

Natural Earth Tones Poplar Ash Hard Wood Walking Stick Hiking Staff Hand Carved Pole

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How to know what size you need

To Measure:

Cup your dominant hand holding it straight out from your elbow (as if you were holding a stick).  Use a tape and measure the distance from the floor to your hand.   If it helps, you can use a broom handle to pretend and/or stand by a wall and mark the wall with a pencil.  

**A general rule of thumb.  The top of the leather (all styles and wood varieties) on Jesus Reigns USA hiking sticks begins exactly 5.25 inches down from the top of the stick.  Here is what that looks like to help you decide:

  • 60 inch stick (leather runs from 49.75" up to 54.75")
  • 55 inch stick (leather runs from 44.75" up to 49.75")
  • 48 inch stick (leather runs from 37.75" up to 42.75")
  • 36 inch stick (leather runs from 25.75" up to 30.75")


If you don't have time to measure:

**These are only suggestions.  If your height falls right on the border, just consider your intended use and whether you want a little extra or a little less length.  Remember, we have elbows for a reason so it is not the end of the world if you are off by a few inches**

  • Little kids get short 36" stick
  • For teens and/or people who are shorter than 5' 5", we recommend a 48-inch stick.
  • For people who are between 5' 6" and 6' 0", we recommend a 55-inch stick.
  • For adults over 6' 0  we recommend a 60-inch stick.
Select options from drop down menu above!

  • 36" Little Children
  • 48" Teen or Short Adults
  • 55" Regular / Standard Adult
  • 60" Tall Adult
  • 72" Giant Moses Staff  **Attention!!

**The 72" stick is Very tall! (6ft) Please be sure of the size you want !  
Use a broom handle and measuring tape before ordering.  20% re-stocking fee for returned walking sticks.

Design - Style:

  • Plain (No Carving or Compass)
  • Bald Eagle (Wood burned)
  • Howling Wolf (Wood burned)
  • Deer Head w/ Antlers (Wood burned)
  • Military Survival Compass, Rustproof Aluminum with air damped needle: (Made by Stanley London)
  • The Ultimate: (Compass + All 3 Burned Animal Carvings)


    Ergonomic Design is standard on all sticks:  
         Handcrafted with the highest quality materials from the USA.  Naturally beautiful, lightweight, thick, and strong!  Rounded over corners with a tapered shaft.  Our strap system promotes a full body workout on your hike instead of just a flimsy decoration like other leading sticks on the market. 
    • We use kiln dried, "Select" A grade Poplar lumber
    • 100% smooth, premium grain leather grip 
    • Antique style brass buttons.     
    • Camouflage 550 lb. paracord wrist strap. 
    • Easily adjustable branded leather wrist cradle.  
    • Standard steel reinforced rubber tip 
    • Finished with 100% pure mineral oil.
    • Made in USA by small business!
    Wood thickness:
    • Top is about 1.375 inch diameter at grip
    • Bottom tapered down to about 7/8" diameter
    • Total circumference (at handgrip) is between 4 - 4.5 " 
    • Weight Varies:  1- 2.5 lb (Depends on length)

    Fully Insured:  We ship these 3-5 day UPS  with full insurance!  In the very rare case of a lost or damaged item you will be covered. 


    Any Questions ??   Email:  

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