Founders Message

      We are really excited that you finally landed on our retail shopping website.  It is probably a miracle considering all the current social media noise and aggressive online marketing mayhem.  For your enjoyment, we chose this aerial video of the Upper Delaware River to help you rest a minute from all of that.  We found the video helped illustrate the source, heart, and vision of our company Jesus Reigns USA.

     Our front end mission is hard work and discipline.  More specifically, it is an e-commerce platform retailing Made in America goods from small artisans and businesses.  We focus on building strong business relationships from our smallest suppliers all the way through to our shipping providers.  This is essential to provide the highest quality goods and excellent customer service.
     The back end of this mission is love.  More specifically, it is the collaboration of our staff, our business partners, our supporters, and the goodwill of our customers to bring love and light into dark places in America and around the world.
     We believe many of you will become integral parts of this companies' vision as suppliers, leads, advisers, and even future helpers to bring the love.  We are thrilled to hear your suggestions, ideas, or proposals.  We eagerly welcome any feedback regarding this website or anything else if you want to reach out and contact us.

Thank you from all of us!
Luke T. Clark