About Us

     We sell made in USA goods from small artisans and businesses.   Our focus creates strong business relationships from our smallest suppliers all the way through to our shipping providers.  This is essential to provide the highest quality goods and customer service.

     The back end of this mission is love.  More specifically, it is the collaboration of our staff, our business partners, our supporters, and the goodwill of our customers.  We are bringing love and light into dark places in America and around the world.

     Thankfully, we believe all of you are integral parts of this companies' vision as suppliers, leads, advisers, customers, and even future missionaries.  We are thrilled to hear your suggestions, ideas, or proposals.  We eagerly welcome any feedback regarding this website or anything else if you want to reach out and contact us.

About Our Orphanage in Pakistan:


     Three years ago I met Pastor "George" John.  I learned of his family, dad, and the orphanage they were trying to build up from the dirt in Pakistan.  The kids sat on the floor to eat and sleep and the building looked like leftover ruins from an old civil war.  We began steady communication as he constantly reminded me they, and all the kids, were praying for my family and our business every day.  I was moved.  I sought God's council in prayer for guidance as I had many reservations and concerns.  One night I awoke to the tangible anointing of the holy spirit that lay on my bed like a blanket.  Half asleep, I reached for my iphone and it opened right to my facebook feed.  The screen perfectly positioned on the photo of all the orphan kids standing and praying. (See Above)  The presence of God filled my bedroom and I wept under the power of it.  I knew I had a clear answer.  I was being called to get involved.  Soon afterward we got involved and began to learn more about this situation.  We not only support them with a small portion of our proceeds; but also seek to use our platform to raise awareness to get this orphanage and the Pakistan outreach going further with God's love.     

Luke T. Clark




**Note From Pastor John Sharon **

  We are working for this mission since the year 2004. In a period of only few years we have done an extensive work to send the gospel out in Pakistan. We live in a very backward and underdeveloped area of Punjab where people are illiterate, not only in the formal and non formal education, but as well as in the knowledge of the Word of God.

     To get the Gospel to the people who need it, we have Sunday prayers. Also, we organize open-air prayer meetings in the surrounding areas where no pastor or evangelists are going with the Gospel. This way we are reaching those people who have never heard the Bible before.

     Here, I would like to explain some facts about Pakistan. Pakistan is the third largest Islamic nation in the world, with more than 150 million souls. 97.2 % of the population is Muslim. Christians make up just 2 % of the population; and these people suffer more than any other ethnic or religious group. Pakistan is in the very heart of the 10/40 Window – the geographic area where 95 % of the un-reached people of the world live. Between India and Afghanistan, Pakistan is a strategic nation. Since the September 11 attack, Pakistan has become the focus of the world. Pakistan is a country with different cultures, languages, people groups, economical backgrounds, etc. Pakistan has a desperate need for assistance in evangelism, Church planting, literature outreach, leadership training, and strengthening of the local Church. 97 % of the newly planted churches and new believers need a place to worship and fellowship. A shortage of Bibles, Gospel literature, faith-based books, leaders, and training material makes it difficult for Christians in Pakistan to grow in their faith and to sustain their relationship with Christ. More than half of Pakistan’s population has never heard about Jesus. Pakistan is an Islamic country, ruled by Islamic law. Christians of Pakistan make quite a sizable population, with more than 10 million souls. But they have to face religious discrimination, religious intolerance, oppression, social subjugation, and economic deprivation. Therefore, Christians are generally less privileged and backward. A growing body of believers continually struggles under government persecution; because it is officially illegal for Muslims to convert to Christianity. Since the country’s blasphemy law was created in 1991, an offended Muslim can accuse a Christian on almost any grounds. False and arbitrary accusations of speaking against the Quran or Muhammad are a common practice by Muslim fundamentalists. In the persecuted environment of Pakistan, 90% of the churches are not very well established. The majority of existing churches need buildings for fellowship, as they meet in open air. Native missionaries make great sacrifices for the sake of the Gospel. Many times, they go without food; and they travel hundreds of kilometers just to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ. In some parts of Pakistan, Muslim fundamentalists attack the missionaries, and they are forced to put off their work as well as their faith. Please keep them in your prayers as they seek to faithfully serve the Lord under great hardship.

     Islam may be the greatest challenge before the Church in this Century; but it may also represent the largest potential harvest. There are one and one-quarter billion Muslims in the world; nearly 25% of the world population. Most have never heard the Gospel of God’s grace in Christ Jesus. Instead, they follow a religion based entirely on works and judgment. If we don’t bring the grace of God into that world, the hostilities of this decade will only grow and intensify. Politics will not resolve this issue; only the Church has the answer.

Your Fellow Worker in Pakistan.

Pastor George john