Rugged Terrain Wooden Walking Sticks Staff Hiking Pole 36" 48" 55" 60"

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California Redwood Wooden Walking Sticks 
**We use only "Top Choice" Grade B or higher Redwood Lumber** (See pictures)
**Select size & options from the drop down menus above**
Choose Length:    (Need help to know ??)
  • 36" (Kids)
  • 48" Short Adults/ Teens
  • 55" Standard Adult
  • 60" Tall
Choose:  Wood Burned Animal Silhouette:
  • Plain (No Carving)
  • Bald Eagle
  • Howling Wolf
  • Deer Head w/ Antlers
  • Military Compass (Made by Stanley London)
  • The Ultimate: (Compass + 3 Animals)
Ergonomic Design:  
     Handcrafted with the highest quality materials from the USA.  Naturally beautiful, lightweight, thick, and strong!  Rounded over corners with a tapered shaft perfectly match the contours of a closed hand.  Our strap system promotes a full body workout on your hike instead of just a flimsy decoration like the cheap Chinese sticks on the market. 
  • "Top Choice" redwood lumber-- mostly clear, zero to minuscule knots, no cracks (See photos)
  • 100% suede leather grip finished with antique style brass buttons.     
  • Unbreakable,camouflage 550 lb. paracord wrist strap. 
  • An easily adjustable leather wrist cradle.  
  • A standard rubber tip with a steel insert to promote long life.
  • Finished with 100% pure mineral oil.
  • Made in USA by small business!
Wood thickness:
  • Top is about 1.5 inches
  • Bottom tapered down to about 7/8"
  • Weight:  1- 1.25 lb

**Wholesale Discount Available:  On all our Redwood and Bamboo hiking sticks.  Available for Youth Groups, Organizations, Fundraisers, Non-profits, Brick & Mortar Resale.  Please contact us for details.